I'm Jonathan, a full-stack developer. I like making stuff from start to finish.

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SShould you transpile your cordova app?

15.08.20195 Min Read — In cordova

The following is based on a true story. Just worst You've finished your amazing cross-platform mobile app, you publish it on the stores, and then you get this review: Hmm.. But it opens on my phone…

DDon't be an Update Junkie

17.07.20195 Min Read — In Productivity

"The Update Loop" Ever found yourself in an update loop? You check your email, refresh your twitter feed, check how many people read your blog post, check your website traffic, your instagram likes…

HHow to *finish* your side-project

15.07.201910 Min Read — In Productivity

I've read some good posts about the importance of having side projects, and I agree, they are important. And fun. I want to talk about finishing your side project. Part of the reason I chose to work…

IIntroducing svelte-cordova template

03.07.20193 Min Read — In cordova

TL;DR I made a template for scaffolding a svelte project that runs in a cordova app, including hot reload to your device. You can find it here . To use it run: Why do I need this? Svelte - the new…

55 Cordova iOS pitfalls - and how to overcome them

25.04.20193 Min Read — In cordova

I recently re-wrote our native android app for teaching the GOT language, Dothraki, in VueJS + Cordova, and published it on the App Store . I came across some iOS-specific quirks that anyone making…

VVue CLI Router + Vuetify plugins

11.01.20193 Min Read — In Vue.js

What is this? A short tutorial about how to correctly combine Vue CLI's router plugin and vuetify plugin into one layout. What's the problem? Vue CLI plugins scaffold a recommended layout for you by…