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SShould you transpile your cordova app?

15.08.20195 Min Read — In cordova

The following is based on a true story. Just worst You've finished your amazing cross-platform mobile app, you publish it on the stores, and then you get this review: Hmm.. But it opens on my phone…

IIntroducing svelte-cordova template

03.07.20193 Min Read — In cordova

TL;DR I made a template for scaffolding a svelte project that runs in a cordova app, including hot reload to your device. You can find it here . To use it run: Why do I need this? Svelte - the new…

55 Cordova iOS pitfalls - and how to overcome them

25.04.20193 Min Read — In cordova

I recently re-wrote our native android app for teaching the GOT language, Dothraki, in VueJS + Cordova, and published it on the App Store . I came across some iOS-specific quirks that anyone making…